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XRmine is a Fintech start-up that will add another level of utility and accessibility to the XRP Ledger.

Our aim is to provide a new method of token distribution on the blockchain, that will streamline many services and make it easier for people to have access to the thousands of tokens already created on the network 

Currently there are only 3 ways of obtaining tokens on the Blockchain, Individual transactions, Airdrops and Staking. Each have their own merits and functions but for an issuer these still take a lot of time to set up, requires monitoring and can be at a significant cost to themselves.

We have found a gap in the market for another method that will allow token issuers to distribute tokens with very little management on their end, Our proposal is to create an faucet with that will allow users to access, explore and earn tokens through a number of play to earn features.

Our system could eventually remove the need for airdrops freeing up the demand on servers that are currently performing them, echoing ripples efforts of providing green blockchain technology.

We appreciate that the details here are a little vague but as it is early days we are not disclosing all of our information at this time to protect our idea.

Visit our website to find out more

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