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Claiming project via Twitter account

Login with your twitter account and you will bi eligable to claim listed projects that have same Twitter handle as yours.
This way you can automatically take ownership of listing vs contacting site administrator.


Total Supply is calculated by counting all tokens held by holders.
Total Circulating Supply is calculated by deducting '5 most biggest holder' supply from Total supply.

We decided to calculate circulating supply this way, at this time. If we find better ruleset which can describe circulating supply in better way we will change this ruleset.


Marketcap calculation formula:

Market Cap (XRP) = Total Circulating Supply * Price (XRP)

Marketcap is total market value of cryptocurrency's circulating supply. team calculates total supply of tokens by counting token value held by holders, most biggest holder is ignored and assumed it is issuer's account. When calculating marketcap most accurate metric is tokens handled by public real holders.
Note: Marketcap can drastically change or manipulated if issuer account is not blackholed so take those metrics with 'grain of salt'. provides token statistics data as is reported from external sources. Read more in ToS